2018-“I AM…READY”.

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I am…

SO excited to go back to work!


As we say good-bye to this long winter break, we say “hello” to those sweet adorable faces we left behind in 2017.  WE CAN”T WAIT TO GO BACK! Right?

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Yikes… it is bittersweet, isn’t it? Maybe some of us are gung-ho and ready to jump back in, while some of us will truly miss the long, lazy mornings…having coffee, hanging out in jammies. I think most teachers feel truly blessed and treasure those long weeks off over breaks. But,alas… those little darlings will be waiting for us with open arms and hundreds(thousands maybe??) of stories about their lives when they were apart from us.


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But us? Hmmm,well…let’s take a moment-


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Over the break, I have read a lot about the power of “I am…” and how the words that follow “I am” can directly change not only the outlook of your day, but your life experiences as well. What we invite out, will come back in.

As a firm believer of teaching children the power of affirmations, I am also becoming a firm believer in the power of “I am”. Though the school year began for many of us in August and September, it is not too late to return to our classrooms with a new vibe, a renewed energy. The good news is, it only takes a small amount of effort.

Three Ways to turn your classroom into a powerful, positive force for children…

Greet students at the door each morning.

  1. This is something we have all learned…it is good teaching 101. But we all get bogged down with things that need to be done, emails that need to be sent, etc. Mornings can quickly become a time for-“I’ve got to keep them busy to get this done.”. We’ve all been there. But the message it sends a child to be greeted by name at your door is monumental. It says,”I am so glad you are here. You are important. I value you.” Let your students know that you see them, each and every morning. Here is a great article from Edutopia on this exact thing..


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Write personal notes of respect

2. Write affirmations on their desks.

“You are important to me.”

“You are creative.”

“You are kind. ”

Using a dry erase marker, try writing positive, personal notes on each child’s desk. It creates a spark of love, confidence and joy and sets a tone for a positive classroom culture immediately.

Why affirmations? 

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 10.25.46 AM

-from “The Ripple Kindness Project”…read the entire article here:


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Teach “I am” Statements

3. Have a round table discussion on “I am’s.” Sit in a circle as a class. Discuss with the students how the power of “I am” and the words that follow can greatly affect the way the day plays out. Give each child thinking time to come up with a few positive words to follow “I am…” As the teacher, you know example speaks volumes…so give examples. And try not to sugar coat…if someone feels tired and that is their “I am”, help them turn it around! “I am tired, but I am hard-working and persistent.” Or try to send their energy in a different direction… “I am honest.” LOL.

It doesn’t take much to send a message to our students that they are valued and after all, that is one of our most important roles as teachers, to instill self-worth. Read more about the power of “I Am” statements here…


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As a side note, if we’re gonna talk the talk, let’s walk the walk, … some of us may have those less than wonderful relationships with certain coworkers at our schools. What if we take this new year to reset, and speak powerful “I am’s” to ourselves in regard to our own relationships with colleagues. It is hard to let bygones be bygones sometimes, yes, but it is also hard to hold on to the negative. It weighs down our spirit. Let’s all try to reach out…create a new mindset. It will make you and others feel uplifted and empowered! After all, we all want to feel valued, accepted and worthy. Why not reach out to that certain coworker with a message that says,

“I am compassionate.” “I am interested.” ” I am kind”.

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Let’s all go back to school this week and show our students and colleagues how much they matter. Let’s show them that life is wonderful and that they make our world better just by being in it.

Bring it on, 2018…I AM-



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